Naming Your Baby

A Difficult Decision Made Slightly Easier with Baby Name Wizard!

Choosing a name for your baby is an incredibly difficult decision - which me and my partner discovered when it came to naming our baby in 2011. So, to help out all expecting parents in the future, I decided to make this website to help you with the process!

Baby Name Wizard tells you the most popular names in the UK and US, possible meanings and origins of names, famous people with the same name and alternative baby names which you may not have already considered.

There are so many baby name websites already so why is Baby Name Wizard different? First of all we are a UK website so all the name suggestions are names which have been used in England and Wales in the last year. Each name has information relating to the popularity in the UK and also famous namesakes who we have actually heard of in England!

We hope you find the website useful. x

Oh... and by the way... we chose the name Bethan!

Most Popular Baby Boys' Names in the UK:

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Some Baby Names That You May Not Have Thought Of:

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